As supply-chain challenges increase, we keep your business moving.

Our business is to move yours

To help companies overcome today’s supply-chain challenges, Caribbean Logistics Solutions provides personalized solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Offering a broad range of services in transportation and warehousing, we focus on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and growing your business.

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We have been trusted by leading businesses and organizations in Puerto Rico and abroad.
We provide the highest industry standards and certifications by leading government and professional organizations like the USDA, SQF, GFSI, and the Puerto Rican Department of Agriculture through our partner Caribbean Produce Exchange.
Caribbean Logistics Solutions can reduce costs, provide more visibility and improve the efficiency of product movements.
  • Port Management Solutions
  • Cargo consolidation
  • More than 60 drivers with full port access
  • Complete port-to-store service
  • Pallet consolidation capabilities in marine ports such as Jacksonville, Houston and Philadelphia.
  • Delivery: From door to door
  • 24/7 Operation (Reception, Inspection and Inventory Management)
  • Live Tracking
  • Port-to-Store Full Container
  • DC-to-Stores
  • Store-to-Store
  • DC- to-Port
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Product Inspections (Local Agencies, Federal Agencies and Internal Inspections)
  • Daily inventory reports
  • Order entry platform (TOE)
  • Dry frozen and refrigerated containers.
  • SOP development
  • Multi temperature space
  • Emergency power redundancy
  • Recall process
Together We Deliver Results!
Offering 24/7 delivery and warehousing solutions that adjust to any business size.

Caribbean Logistics Solutions offers unparalleled experience in the management of perishable products.

Established in 1960, Caribbean Produce Exchange, Inc. is the leader in the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, and complementary products, focused on health and wellness on the island. Our vision for identifying innovation opportunities that meet the local market's needs and new consumer trends has led us to accomplish exemplary milestones of over half a century and three generations.

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